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“I think the Parisian Ghetto was supposed to turn night after Bouchard's Hideout. St. Aicard's Graveyard looks like it's dusk based on the sky and lighting, and the money respawns which means that the levels do change (similar to how the gate in the Archaeological Dig is closed when you come back after the Tomb of Ancients). Someone found a night sky texture in the Bouchard's Hideout level files as well.”

Oh really? That’s interesting. I would love to be able to explore a night version of the Ghetto. And it would’ve been cool if you could revisit the earlier levels like the Backstreets but during the daytime. :)

“Someone asked me to make a pic of Lara in her Chronicles dress, standing on a stage with her hands on her hips while blushing, and WITH A CORDLESS MICROPHONE STUCK BETWEEN HER TITS AND HE WANTED ME TO NAME IT "LARA CROFT: HEARTBEAT ON MICROPHONE" I WAS SO EXCITED FOR MY FIRST REQUEST AND I SHAT MYSELF WHEN I SAW THE MESSAGE”

Yikes! Yeah, I got some strange requests too. Something about butt births. I had to google it. I wish I hadn’t. O_O

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