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Thank you very much! :D 

“THOSE TEE DESIGNS I'M IN LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE. AMAZING STUFF! I'm getting two. :D look forward to your new tees coming soon!”

Haha, thank you very much! These T-Shirts gives me a great reason to finish those TR Comic Covers I started three years ago and never finished. That’d be something to have one for each game. :D

“Just ordered a Tomb Raider II shirt, they're so damn cool! Awesome work :)”

Thank you so much! I hope you like it! I have my own on the way too. Haha! And more designs to come shortly and possibly commissioned designs in the future. :D

“I wish there was international shipping on your t-shirts. They are really really cool :(”

There is! TeePublic ship to a tonne of countries all over the world. :)


I’ve started selling my artwork on t-shirts. You can buy any of the designs above and more at my TeePublic Store. More designs to come shortly! 

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“Hi there :) I'm sure you're noticing the uprising that's been happening in protest of the Xbox exclusive announcement for Rise. We've started a petition with Stella and had 5k in under half a day so it's a great success, but Tumblr can get such a massive amount of attention in a small amount of time, and since you're a popular TR blog I hope you'll help. I can't include links in Asks, but if you search Stellalune on twitter, she has posted it. It would be a great help, thanks.”

Hello :) I saw the petition (which is a great idea) and signed it earlier! And I reblogged it on to TRGifs earlier from tombraidergirls. :) I really hope it works. It seems to making a lot of traffic which is fantastic! Hopefully Square or Sony or whoever it is that needs to act will if enough people make their voices heard. :D

The Next Gen Tomb Raider Curse



The Tomb Raider franchise has been thriving for close to twenty years now, and within it’s long run, all of us Tomb Raider fans know that some titles are far better than other ones in the franchise, and it has come to my attention that usually the flops are the next gen announced titles. 

Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness - Usually when you think of a flop within the Tomb Raider franchise, the first game to come to mind is Angel of Darkness, whether it be its confusing controls, its lag, or its glitches, the gameplay featured in the game was terrible compared to earlier games in the franchise, yet the story, if it would have been completed and developed the way it should have been, would have been fantastic. If the Next Gen Tomb Raider Curse is real, it would have started here, at the hands of Eidos, who pushed the games’ original developers Core Design. With the constant pushing, the game was half finished, most of everything had to be cut, and the ‘next gen defying’ game it was meant to be wasn’t even close to what was described in interviews or shown in trailers, the final game was a mess.

Tomb Raider: Underworld - Yet another next gen release in the franchise that suffered. With the power of the PS3 and Xbox 360, Crystal Dynamics(the developers who came in to replace Core Design) focused solely on making the game look stunning and perfect, and seemed to place all the things that made the TR series great on back burner. Lara received yet another character model update(which truly wasn’t necessary), and though the environments and atmosphere were pushed beyond anything we had seen previously in a Tomb Raider game, there was little to nothing new beyond that, sure, Lara received a few new moves, but that was basically it. Personally, Underworld is significantly low on my list of favorite TR games, and the lack of brilliant gameplay compared to the brilliance of Underworld’s graphics is most likely the fault of the game, at least for me. 

Rise of the Tomb Raider - Though the game hasn’t been announced yet, the future doesn’t look bright for this game, or the rest of the TR franchise. Crystal Dynamics made the mistake of forming a partnership with Microsoft, a partnership that has made Rise of the Tomb Raider an Xbox One exclusive title, which was a mistake in many, many ways. With TR now an Xbox exclusive, the fans who made the franchise popular on PC and PS, and who still use PC’s and PS to play games are getting denied the game just because Microsoft dumped a whole bunch of money Crystal’s way just for exclusive rights to the game. It was also a wrong move on Crystal’s part, as reports show, the PS4 has done almost half better than the Xbox One has financially, even the PS3 did better financially than the Xbox 360, and reports have also shown that consoles/systems who buy TR games the most are PS3/PS4 as well as PC. Hopefully Crystal comes to their senses and announces that the game is only a timed exclusive, but if it would be announced as a timed exclusive, I could honestly see the franchise dying in the months Xbox has exclusivity, considering all most all of the TR fandom(myself included) has stated that they are not purchasing an Xbox One just to play the new TR title, some have even said that if the game were to release for PC and PS4 following the Xbox One release, they won’t be making a purchase. 

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“I honestly cannot believe they are making this game only for xbox, what the fuck they basically killed the game”

I’m just hoping that it’s only a temporary exclusivity deal (which is still inexcusable but better than being a permanent exclusive). This can’t have been an easy decision to make and I’m sure Crystal Dynamics knew the shitstorm this was going to bring which makes me wonder if this is another case of TR being manhandled by a money hungry publisher with no thought to the fanbase.

It really is a stupid ass decision. The dumbest thing since strength upgrades. Dumber even. Way dumber. 



rise of the tomb raider: xbox one exclusive

fans: we’re still not buying an xbox one

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